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Recent changes have occurred in the Postal Service hiring system. Everything is now done over the internet. From submitting your application to taking the postal exam, everything has changed and everything is web based. It can be challenging and overwhelming to navigate the system successfully – that’s where we can help.

Three Steps to Finding Jobs

Applying for a job with the United States Postal Service can be boiled down to a three step process.

Step 1: the job gets posted.

When a postal position is vacant, the job will be posted on the United States Postal Service’s eCareer online system. At any given time, there may be hundreds of openings available and listed on the site.

Step 2: submit an application for the position.

Find a position that is suitable for you, fill out the application, and submit it online. You can apply for as many or as few jobs as you would like. Each application must be submitted individually, though. It’s important to consider that, for each position that you apply for, hundreds of other people are likely applying, too (maybe even more). When you complete an application for a USPS position and submit it, you will be scheduled to take your postal exam within a matter of a few days.

Step 3: take the postal exam.

This is the step that generally presents the most problems for Postal Service applicants. This mandatory entry-level postal exam has a failure rate of anywhere from 80% - 90%. Additionally, the only applicants that receive an interview are the top three scorers. Therefore, in order to be a competitive candidate, you must have one of the top three scores of all applicants. High quality preparation questions for Postal Exam 473 are crucial for achieving this. It is also important to realize that, due to all of the changes that have occurred with the hiring and testing processes, many older study guides are now outdated and not useful.

Navigating the System

The new online system that the United States Postal Service uses is called eCareer. This system manages all the job postings, applications, and administration of the Postal Exam 473. It can be overwhelming and confusing to figure out.

With eCareer you can apply for any posted position at any time, which sounds easy and convenient but is actually complicated and confusing. The application process can often take hours and is filled with electronic forms, documents, and muddled instructions. It is important to complete the application correctly, otherwise it may be rejected immediately. No exam score will help you get the job if your application never makes it to the hands of the hiring supervisor.

Not only is the application process complex and convoluted, but the new computer system often has programming errors or glitches, which make it difficult to search for jobs and the right positions for you.

Here’s How to Be Successful in Finding Postal Service Jobs

The bottom line is that if you can’t find the right jobs for you, complete the application properly, or do well on the postal exam, then you won’t have success in landing a job with the United States Postal Service.

Postal Job Center is pleased to offer products and services that are specifically designed to help you be successful in starting a career with the USPS. Order a copy of our book “How to Get a Postal Job” for helpful tips on how to properly apply for positions and use the new online system.

Our online postal exam study guide will help you with the exam portion of the process, allowing you to receive a competitive score and be a top contender for these highly sought after positions.

Many people opt to navigate eCareer and the hiring system for the Postal Service on their own. You can find your way to the job positions through the United States Postal Service website. However, as we mentioned before, the new program often has glitches and errors that make it difficult to successfully find all the available positions.


A career with the US Postal Service is very rewarding. Postal Job Center is committed to helping you get started in the next two weeks.

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