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The United States Postal Service constantly has job availabilities around the country. Generally, there are approximately 1,000 openings at any given time. These positions often come and go very quickly. We encourage you to sign up for alerts notifying you of openings in your area so you can monitor what jobs are open and find a position suitable for you. There are nineteen individual entry level jobs that the USPS offers. From those entry level positions, you can advance your career into higher level jobs.
One of the best benefits of seeking a career with the United States Postal Service is the fact that there are few minimum requirements that need to be met to gain employment in the postal field. The minimum requirements needed for employment with the United States Postal Service are to be age 18 or older and to be a United States citizen or have a Green Card allowing you to work in the country. These minimum requirements are applicable to all positions with the USPS, there isn’t a variation between the different positions that are offered.
Yes. If you are a military veteran and you meet the necessary qualifications that are established, you may be eligible for special benefits. More information can be found on the United States Postal Service website.
Absolutely. Once you have submitted an application and passed the postal entrance exam, you will be included in an applicant pool in the United States Postal Service database. This allows your information to be retained and you may be considered for any future jobs that you apply for, as well.
All of the United States Postal Service job applications are completed online. Even the testing is now done online. While this makes the process more convenient for users, it also comes with many glitches and technical errors that can complicate things. We can help you navigate this new web-based process and help you increase your confidence in an online testing scenario. Our web-based practice questions and mock exams are ideal for preparing for a web-based exam.
Full time employees receive excellent federal insurance benefits, paid training opportunity, paid vacation, paid leave, great retirement options, health care medical spending accounts, 401Ks, and more. Employees also have the opportunity for advancement throughout their career.
The Postal Exam 473 is a four section, one hour long exam. You will be tested on memory, coding, completion of postal forms, and address comparison and checking. Our prep questions for the postal battery exam cover all four of these sections in depth.
Many other guides that are currently offered are, in fact, outdated, due to these recent modifications. Our study materials are entirely up-to-date with the new exam, though. In fact, we regularly update all of our content in order to ensure that it is the most current information out there. By using our updated study guides, you can rest assured that you will be reviewing current materials and will be prepared to do well on the Postal Exam 473.
Upon submitting your application for a position, a representative will contact you to schedule the exam at a location in your area. You can choose the best time and place for you. You will then receive confirmation of the date, location, and time that you have scheduled the exam.
No, we are not directly affiliated with the United States Postal Service. We simply provide an effective way to prepare to take the difficult Postal Exam 473, which is required for entry into the USPS.
The USPS does offer Publication 60-A, which is a short orientation guide. You may access this document on the United States Postal Service website.
Unfortunately, yes. It is important to be aware of these scams and learn to identify them. If you have been scammed out of any money by a company or business like this, you can get your money back and submit a formal complaint that can help to have the company shut down in some cases.

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A career with the US Postal Service is very rewarding. Postal Job Center is committed to helping you get started in the next two weeks.

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